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Become an Independent Agent today and make 33 to 50% commissions on each and every sale.  This opportunity requires absolutely no selling of goods to friends and family members, nor does it require you to purchase or stock any inventory.  Our program is truly what you have been looking for and is designed to help you supplement your income or to become self employed full time working your own schedule.  You can work from home, on the road or even on vacation! 


make Great money & set your own schedule

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The service is sold exclusively to businesses owned and operated in the state of Oklahoma.  From the smallest Ma and PoP to the largest of international companies.  Minimum sale is $299 and your commission is 33% on each and every sale.  Sell just 30 memberships in your first 60 days and you are automatically enrolled in our "Preferred Agent" status where commissions are increased to 50% plus you even enjoy a BONUS residual from your pool of customers each and every year.  Preferred Agent level will require a minimum number of activations each quarter to continue receiving the added benefits.


So you may ask, how much money can I make?  The answer is as much as you want.  Let's say that there is 25 working days in every month and say you only sell the entry level $299 package to each customer.  If you are able to sell just one package every day, in just 12 months you have made $45,000 in commissions alone, not even counting the residuals!  If you are able to sell three per working day, you would make $135,000 in just a single year!  All of this without purchasing inventory or selling soaps, make-up or Amway to friends and relatives.


So What exactly is

Glad you asked. is a website founded upon the principle of helping Oklahoma owned and operated businesses, tradesmen, artists, etc.  Our search engine only displays results from Made in Oklahoma members so there are no misleading advertisements from outside companies like Google.


Whether you want to find a shoe repairmen, reputable pool guy, find a deal on a resort, or even find reviews and coupons from the new restaurant down the street, will be that single destination.


A huge benefit of becoming a Made In Oklahoma member is that the cost to advertise is extremly affordable.  Whether the member has 2 employees working in their garage or 400 working in downtown Tulsa the annual price starts at just $299 per year!  Want to see a sample membership listing, click here?  The site is in demo mode and not fully opeational yet but still pretty cool, right?!?  With coding yet to complete, online store and coupon engine will also be finished right before launch or near the end of the third quarter.


To help launch the website in October 2018, we will begin our first wave of advertising to help raise awareness of the site and it's features.  Our launch campaign is budgeted for up to $250K for the first year.  This campaign is likely to consist of a mixture of Radio, TV, Print & Online advertising buys.


Are you ready to become an Independent Agent?  If so, just click below, let's go!