The Problem

The world is changing around us every day. Once thriving community stores and staples of our local economies are closing their doors.  Century old businesses are being run out of operation due to large out of state corporations with lower prices and huge advertising budgets.  Some of these national corporations setup brick and mortar buildings while others operate completely online.  Main Street of most small towns in Oklahoma are now disappearing because the locals are being forced out. Our goal at is to level the playing field for our local businesses by giving our member companies the cutting edge tools and services that are needed to compete with the national companies.  We also want to start a massive scale public awareness campaign called "Buy Oklahoma - For Oklahoma" to reach the consumer.
Our "Buy Oklahoma - For Oklahoma" campaign will be an ongoing media blitz about what it means to support your local businesses.  Did you know that several national studies have shown that for every $100 spent locally more than $73 remains in the local economy circulating through taxes, reinvestment, hiring, etc whereas only $43 for big box retailers and $0 for online purchases. To put that in perspective, a community the size of Oklahoma City or Tulsa would yield more than $140M and 1600 new jobs in the economy with only a 10% shift to local business. Everyone benefits from buying local including the state, city and county governments, public services and even infrastructure such as bridges, roads and highways, etc.

How Do You Find Products and Services Today 

YELLOW PAGES - As you are aware, traditional media and advertising are now giving way to online and mobile technologies. Stop and think about how the average consumer would find a sprinkler repairman, a backhoe operator, a welder, a seamstress or even a shoe repairman using today’s advertising. Would you look in the newspaper, hope to see or hear a radio or TV advertisement or would you simply grab a phone book? Did you know there are 10 different companies who provide phone books now and when the new one arrives at the doorstep, studies show that the old one is thrown away?  If you are looking for someone who could only afford advertising in the phone company's Yellow pages, but didn't advertise in the other Yellow Books, or the Friendlier Book then you begin to see the fatal flaw.  Yellow page advertising is expensive and doesn't produce the results it did when there was only one book and the internet didn't exist.
RADIO & TELEVISION - While radio and television advertising is very effective it does require repetition and consistent spending to achieve results.  Effective radio or television budgets can be cost prohibitive for one and two person businesses who have just opened their doors. 
ONLINE SEARCH - How may times have you just given up on finding your product or service and just opened your internet browser and gone looking on Google, Bing or Yahoo? While it may be easy to find someone specifically by name "Johnny's Deli", what if you were looking for a "welder" and he had no website, would the search engines ever find who you seek? What if you were looking for a "flyer printer in Oklahoma City", did you know that the results of ALL the leading search engines are skewed in favor of national advertisers?  Take a look at the images below for the exact search phrase "flyer printing in Oklahoma City" and see for yourself. The results are staggering, on Google 6 out of 21 responses were accurate or 28% relevancy, on Bing 3 out of 18 were accurate or 16% relevancy. What this means is that unless you pay the major search provider thousands of dollars per month to be "promoted" on their results, your listing will be buried pages deep and will never be seen.  The biggest problem with these "PAID" results is that each vendor appears to operate in Oklahoma City and will even use trickery like using the city name in the web results like "Oklahoma City Club Flyer Printing" even though they do not have operations here. Even worse these online companies pay ZERO tax dollars and none of their money stays in our communities for reinvestment or hiring growth.


Our goal is to become the single online destination for anything and everything local in Oklahoma!  No matter if you are a consumer from Lawton or a ex-resident of the state now living in Wyoming who is searching for Fesperman's Beef Jerky, you now will have a single place to find and even purchase it online.  What sets our Search Engine, Directory and Online Shopping apart from the others is that we provide REAL results for REAL companies and services in our home state, with or without a brick and mortar building and with or without the necessity of having a website of their own.

We have transformed and redeveloped the popular and highly trafficked website and added new cutting edge technology to connect our members with their target consumer. is now an all in one product in one online destination.


  • Online Interactive Directory Listing (look up businesses type or services they provide, or by category, company name, city, zipcode, or even automatically get mapped results using Geographic Pinpointing Technology)
  • Online “Deals” or "Coupons" Similar to Groupon or Sweetjack (EXCEPT FREE)
  • Global Facing “EBay Style" Online Store Designed to Connect Internet Shoppers from Around the Globe with Oklahoma Products (MIO Gift Baskets, Oklahoma Cookbooks, Soaps, Candles, Bedre’ Chocolate, Fields Pecan Pies, Griffin Jelly, etc.)
  • Online Classified Section Similar to the newspaper but much less expensive
  • Online Events Section to Help Promote Local Events and Causes
  • Mobile Deals / Check In / Reviews Features via Android and iPhone App
  • Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest Viral Marketing to Help Get the Word Out About New Products/Services
  • Banner Advertisements Options w/Category Sponsorship Options to Help Add Visibility Within the MIO Website
  • MIO Hosted Tradeshows & Expos to Showcase Companies and Products
  • “Made In Oklahoma Minute” (Discounts up to 1/3 Cost Radio/TV/Print Ads placed with our local media partners)


The alarming fact is that our local and state economies are being harmed by these out of state companies when they take our dollars and taxes from the local economy and send it right out of state. Over the last few years, the major search providers now give search preferences or results to "paid" advertisers verses displaying the correct local results even when they know they are misleading you and showing you ads instead of the results you asked for.  These misleading results earn big revenue because each and every fake click can equate to $5 or more in advertising dollars placed directly in the pockets of the search providers.  Now you can see that the major providers results are tied directly to advertising dollars, you would probably agree they will NEVER fix the misleading results!
All businesses small and large deserve the right to compete with one another on a level playing field and will give even the smallest micro company with one employee the same access to attract new customers.

*Groupon, Sweetjack, Yelp, EBay, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  The information contained herein is a mere sampling of research and information publicly accessible via the internet and other public records at the time of publication. reserves the right to update and or revise this research at a future date.