About Us

Founded in 1998, this web address has been the destination for all things Made in Oklahoma.  The company is ran by lifelong Oklahomans with a mission to make the state stronger by dealing with local businesses whenever possible.  This mission has become more important the last few years with the mass entrance of nationally owned superstores as well as online shopping.  In 2013, we redeveloped our online identity and refocused the goal away from being just a showcase of Oklahoma companies to now taking a more active step in facilitating and foster their growth.

Mission Statement

Our mission is two fold, bring awareness to the average consumer about what it means to support local companies through our "Buy Oklahoma | For Oklahoma" media campaign and secondly to help locally owned and operated businesses level the playing field with national and online retailers that are slowly killing our economies.  Our solution is to become the internet's premier destination to find anything and everything "Oklahoma" and since we only accept members and advertisers from our state, the consumer is guaranteed they are only supporting local businesses.
Several national studies have shown that for every $100 spent locally more than $73 remains in the local economy circulating through taxes, reinvestment, hiring, etc whereas only $43 for big box retailers and $0 for online purchases. To put that in perspective, a community the size of Oklahoma City or Tulsa would yield more than $140M and 1600 new jobs in the economy with only a 10% shift to local business. Everyone benefits from buying local including the state, city and county governments, public services and even infrastructure such as bridges, roads and highways, etc.
MadeInOklahoma.com will help grow local businesses by deploying brand new cutting edge technology to connect our members with their target consumer. MadeInOklahoma.com is an all in one product including features similar to Groupon, Yelp, Classifieds, Craigslist, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, & even EBay. The major difference is that the site brings all these features, products and more together in one online destination.  Since MadeInOklahoma.com protects it's members by only alllowing Oklahoma owned & operated businesses to join, you never have to worry about a national company with an unlimited advertising budget from unfairly competing against you.

Services Offered

  • Online Interactive Directory Listing (look up businesses type or services they provide, or by category, company name, city, zipcode, or even automatically get mapped results using Geographic Pinpointing Technology)
  • Online “Deals” or "COUPONS" Similar to Groupon or Sweetjack (EXCEPT FREE)
  • Global Facing “EBay Style" Online Store Designed to Connect Internet Shoppers from Around the Globe with Oklahoma Products (MIO Gift Baskets, Oklahoma Cookbooks, Soaps, Candles, Bedre’ Chocolate, Fields Pecan Pies, Griffin Jelly, etc.)
  • Online Classified Section Similar to the newspaper but much less expensive
  • Online Events Section to Help Promote Local Events and Causes
  • Mobile Deals / Check In / Reviews Features via Android and iPhone App
  • Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest Viral Marketing to Help Get the Word Out About New Products/Services
  • Banner Advertisements Options w/Category Sponsorship Options to Help Add Visibility Within the MIO Website
  • MIO Hosted Tradeshows & Expos to Showcase Companies and Products
  • “Made In Oklahoma Minute” (Discounts up to 1/3 Cost Radio/TV/Print Ads placed with our local media partners)